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Current Issue #96: Apr/May 2011
  Out April 1st. Print run: 2,500.
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Extras for Issue #96
  Extras are items that were late, not included, or that were trimmed due to space constraints in the printed version. The articles are included here.

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  Churks, Clidgy & Doodle-Dashers does it again!

Once again queues of people waited patiently at the Discover Hayle Map Launch to get their copy of “Churks, Clidgy and Doodle-Dashers. Hayle Tales and Trails” the book compiled and edited by Lucy Frears from the Hayle Oral History Project. The last chunk of Heritage Lottery Funding allowed the project a 1,500 copy reprint to help meet the demands of hundreds of people on a waiting list after the 1,000 book give-away in December when books went in less than two hours! “Churks, Clidgy & Doodle-Dashers” contains memories, archive photos, walks and information on the Hayle Area including St. Erth, Angarrack, Gwithian and Godrevy.

One of my volunteers, Lynne Nurhonen, worked for weeks trying to contact the hundreds of people on the waiting list. Then on the day Lynne, her husband Jon, as well as Andy Nephin, Iris Emberson and Joan Johns worked with speed and good humour with important back-up work from Chris Ryan and Louis Frears and sold over 500 books and a hundred DVDs in an hour and a half!” Says Lucy Frears, the voluntary Hayle Oral Project Coordinator.

"The book is brilliant. It is a combination of cleverly edited bite-sized reportage with really interesting photos that completely hooked me. You gave me access to [gran's] world."

Claire Grove, BBC Drama Senior Producer

"A new and exciting picture of Hayle that would be hard to beat - splendid job"
Professor Charles Thomas, CBE FSA

The books are being sold this time for £5, the DVDs for £3 at Hayle Community Archive, open on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 10am to 1pm (Brewery Office, 1 Sea Lane, Hayle, TR27 4DU tel: 01736 753962) and at Hayle Library, open every day except Thursday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday from 9,30am to 12.30pm although times will change to shorter hours from April 18th. (Address: Commercial Road, Hayle, TR27 4DE tel: 0300 1234 11. The book and DVD content is available to read/ look at/ watch/ listen to for free online at “Hayle Tales blog” http://hayletaleshome.blogspot.com/ . All proceeds from the book and DVD go towards keeping voluntary organisations Hayle Archive and Hayle Oral History Project going in their home, the Brewery Office.

Lucy Frears, Hayle Oral History Project Coordinator (now on a voluntary basis)
office: 01736 753962
Archive Open Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 10 am - 1pm
With support from Heritage Lottery Fund

  Godolphin written and Illustrated by Hilary Jean Gibson of Ventonleague, Hayle

“Whilst on the two year part-time course M.A Illustration: Authorial Practice at University College Falmouth, I spent 18 months dedicating myself to Godolphin, researching and learning about it's multi-layered history and drawing in the wonderful house and Medieval Gardens, through the changing seasons.
It became my aim to record the way the building was at the time, for posterity...as I soon realised it was to change...

Many years ago, when I first visited Godolphin, like many other people I became instantly captivated by its atmosphere and strong sense of history.    I wanted to draw everything ... everywhere I looked I saw a topic for my sketchbook... the beautiful Medieval Gardens, the stables, the house ~ inside and outside.. and the stories it told or those I imagined ...

At the end of the M.A. in 2010, my book Godolphin was printed in Cornwall. I self-published the book and set up 'redrawing history', at the same time.”

Godolphin is a cloth bound book of 104 pages containing stories inspired by Godolphin and 70 illustrations.
The book can be bought at Godolphin National Trust for £35..

For more information about Hilary's work, commissioning her, or how to purchase a 'dedicated & signed copy' of her
Godolphin book please visit her website....

or www.redrawing-history.co.uk

Hilary is currently working on a book about the Phillack Allotments (she is a plotholder herself) to be published by 'redrawing history', Hilary also accepts Illustration commissions as well as private painting and drawing commissions.

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