About the Hayle Pump

The Hayle Pump newsletter is a bi-monthly 40-page newsletter with some 2,500 copies distributed to various locations within the TR27 postcode in Cornwall.

Current Staff

  • Stephen Murley (Editor)
  • Tina Morgan (Subscriptions)
  • John Cole (Distribution)
  • Jeff Turk (Advertising & Treasurer )

There are only a tiny number of staff who all voluntarily give their time to help keep the Hayle Pump running. If you’d like to help in any way, please get in touch!

History of the Pump

Volunteers produce the Pump as a community newsletter.

The first Hayle Pump came out in December 1994 and the editors were: Jeff and Sarah Turk. Over 25 years later they have put Issue 151 to bed and hung up their green eye shades.

In the days before desktop publishing, producing and duplicating the Pump was a laborious process involving real cutting and pasting. In recent years computers have made this a much easier task. Jeff & Sarah have done it all.

All of us in Hayle owe Jeff and Sarah a huge vote of thanks for the huge amount of work they have put in to bring us our much-read Hayle Pumps.

Before the Hayle Pump, there was the ‘The Towncrier’: